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Rare Jarre Harmonica pistol, France, mid 19th century.

Estimated Value: $7,500 - $12,000

Y’know, you never see modern steampunk cosplays go for bizarre historic firearms like harmonica pistols, it’s always painted Nerf guns.

Guess steampunk is pretty much dead until it goes through a revival like cyberpunk went through

Or maybe some people can afford the materials to make insane weapons?? Or lack the skill and time or ability to do it??

Steampunk isn’t “dead” just because some cosplayers aren’t shelling out tons of time and money on a small part of their outfit, time and money that could be put into bettering a larger part or adding more things to their costume.

Don’t be an ass because people aren’t making big fancy weapons that may or may not pass convention regulations.

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